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Rhonda Diskin

Your Virtual Assistant

I specialize in helping solo professionals and small business owners who want to spend more time with their clients.


Hi! I’m the proud founder of Rhonda Diskin Your Virtual Assistant. After a successful corporate career for a Fortune 50 company as customer relationship expert, supply chain manager and process excellence advisor, I now own my business and happily live in my favorite city

St. Augustine, Florida. You can probably see me smiling right now!


Helping solo professionals and small business owners reach their goals, streamline processes, and find ways to spend valuable 1:1 time with their clients are the things that make my feet hit the ground in the morning.  The lure of caffeine also helps.

My services are focused on helping YOU spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what YOU do best - working with your clients, increasing your reach and expanding your successful business. Your to-do list becomes my “I can help get it done for YOU list.”



MS Office | G Suite |  Slack Asana

Canva | Quickbooks  Constant Contact | Mailchimp | Hubspot | SAP

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